Hurt my back while training MMA. Tried working it through but it just got worse. I couldn't fully extend my kicks and had pain while grappling on the mat. I was afraid I'd be set back.  Dr. K was really good analyzing my entire lower back region. He didn't just work the symptoms. He figured out how all the different structures were affected. He gave me the right treatments, made sure I gave it adequate recovery time ( he's big on that) and quickly progressed me to active care so I could get back training. He knows a lot about core fitness and stabilization. My back felt great before I started up again and I have been training hard ever since. Glad I have him in my corner...Joe S.

July, 2013

I started having pain, numbness and tingling in my right hand. It was going on for over 6 months and was getting worse. I was worried it was carpal tunnel.  I went to an orthopedist who said it probably was and I should do surgery before it gets worse.  I was scared. Someone recommended Dr Kaiser to me and said he treated her carpal tunnel with good results. So I went. I didn't know chiropractors could treat that. Dr. Kaiser showed me how it actually is related to posture and issues in the neck as well.  So after 6 weeks of excellent treatment using machines, massage, hand adjustments and exercises, I am happy to say I am pain free and feel great. I am so happy he is my chiropractor. If you need one...I highly recommend him...Susan D.

June, 2013

I had been training for my third marathon when I started to get pain in my right hip and pelvis. Every time I hit above 15 miles, I started to feel pain with each stride and it slowed my pace. I had been to Dr.Kaiser a few years back for my low back and felt his one on one approach and focus on sports injuries could come in handy for this as well. Well I was right. He found my pelvis was rotated and putting pressure on my hip which resulted in tendonitis which didn't get symptomatic until I irritated it after about 15 miles. After several treatments and great adjustments, I was able to hit my 20 without pain. He used kinesiotape on my hip which really helped too.  He knows his stuff...great doc....Pete R.


… I am a dancer in a Broadway show. During a performance, I injured my ribs and back on a bad lift. Dr. Kaiser was excellent at diagnosing my exact problem and giving me the right treatment, all this while continuing to perform in my show. I couldn't have done it without his expertise! His staff is wonderful and friendly, the office always smells like a spa and his massage therapists are amazing! I would recommend his practice to anyone….Laura M.

October, 2012

My friend recommended Dr. Kaiser to me when I hurt my neck doing yoga. I was a little worried about getting my neck treated but I was sure glad I that I did. Dr. Kaiser was very gentle and explained that not everyone gets "cracked". He has many different therapies and techniques and makes sure you are comfortable with everything he does. I trust him completely and was amazed that I got better so fast. I have brought both my husband and daughter to him and we all are healthier and better for it…Kim S.

October, 2012

I work in retail marketing and it requires that I travel every other week. It is hard for me to keep a set schedule so flexibility is key for me. What I love about this practice is you can call up and get an appointment the same day and I have never waited more than 10 minutes to be seen. My neck and back are always hurting since I travel so much. Dr. Kaiser showed me on my x-rays that my spine was misaligned and my pelvis was rotated. He told me how many visits it would take to correct and strengthen my back and he was exactly right. I have been going back for a monthly "tune up" and my spine looks perfectly straight on my last x-ray and my pelvis is no longer rotated. Thanks for all the hard work and great results. I highly recommend Dr. Kaiser and his staff to anyone with a back problem…Stephanie T.


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