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As one of New York's top back specialists expertly trained in Chiropractic Spinal Manipulation, Physical Therapy, Pain Management, Nutrition and Sports Medicine, Dr. Kaiser practices one of the most integrative and effective techniques in his field.Recognizing that when you come to hisoffice as a new patient, you have many concerns and questions about what might be done to treat your condition. Dr. Kaiser's background in psychology, stress management and holistic medicine allows him tounderstand the "total picture" of your health and determine the actual underlying causes of your symptoms. This approach allows Dr. Kaiser to deliver one of the most accuratediagnostic opinions in his field.

As a dancer, I was nervous about who was going to work onmy body. It's my life. I was truly amazed at how comforting Dr. Kaiser was from the first moment he sat down with me. That was over 7 years ago. He is an amazing doctor and has a great understanding of the body.His care has been invaluable to me over the years.

Dr. Kaiser takes the time to explain how and why your symptoms developed. After giving every patient a customized treatment plan, he then regularly checks in on how much progress you're making. At the end of care, which usually just last 2-4 weeks, he gives you an extensive exercise plan that continues to support the health of the area you experienced your symptoms in. You won't believe how conscious you will become of your posture, sleep habits and overall health. His goal is your health, inside and out.


BachelorsPyschology1992State University of NY Albany

DoctorateChiropractic 1999 University of Bridgeport

Masters Nutrition 2000 - University of Bridgeport College of Nutrition

If you need a back expert who uses a natural approach totreat the underlying cause of your symptoms, not the symptoms themselves, then our practice is the right one for you.


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